CG – Eesti Inkasso

Founded in 2013, Eesti Inkasso is a professional debt collection service agency focusing on providing competent and skillful management of a wide range of diversified receivables while following a reliable, yet transparent debt collection process.

Expert people and their above average communication skills with counterparties are actually the most essential elements of Eesti Inkasso’s business model. The company management with their expert workers have long-term expertise, including a broad knowledge base on how to tackle a variety of specific situations arising from its everyday business operations, so as to ensure that the maximum proportion of receivable assets gets repaid as a result.
When dealing with debt management, especially concerning financial sector receivables, Eesti Inkasso provides a delicate, yet disciplined approach while finding the most reasonably comfortable ways for the indebted to eventually return the funds owed to the company and its clients. Thus, via this process, both outstanding financial metrics and loyal business practices are achieved to satisfy both its investors and other important parties, while simultaneously reassuring that the company’s integral long-term goals will be met.
Eesti Inkasso has a various range of services it offers to the market. The main services include, amongst other things: buying receivable assets of above average grade at a discount (mostly for internal collection), debt collection for specific clients, offering legal advice and certain forms of legal aid for different customers (for example in the disputes of apartment unions with their debtors in particular, or dealing with legal issues that the latter might face in and/or outside the court system as dictated by Estonian law).
Most of the occurring situations include pre-court dealings with the debtors and a variety of other special cases stemming from the particular task at hand. Still, the company is also very proficient in legal disputes and proceedings along with representation in the trial process. Eesti Inkasso has both the means, the experience, combined with patience to see the results through and offers professional consulting to all parties involved in order to find the best solution to any arising complications. Eesti Inkasso is now one of the most prominent companies in its field and strives to become the most responsible and reliable market leader in the foreseeable future.

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