CG – Club Capital

Club Capital and its subsidiaries (8 х SPV) main goal is to steadily grow their financials with profitable quality assets.

Club Capital’s systemic and active investing approach paves the way for finding the most lucrative opportunities in the market, while enterprisingly, yet constantly and professionally diversifying its portfolio.
An essential element of Club Capital’s strategy is building up a sound, long-term asset base in the real-estate market – that includes but is not limited to land, commercial properties, housing, and rental fixed-rate deals. The company only finances properties that it deems highly liquid as to guarantee the marketability of the purchased real-estate. As of today, Club Capital (as holding company, operating by its subsidiaries) has proven itself as a solid performer and a trustworthy partner by capturing alluring and profitable deals.
Proper investment management consists of finding high-yield capital allocation possibilities, all the while making sure that the risk is contained within the confines of economic viability. Club Capital, through cooperation with banks and credit companies, ensure an adequate capital structure, thus building a cost-effective operating model, while at the same time providing its investors a satisfactory premium, with a stable annual return on equity indicators of not less than 8%. The investment operations are first and foremost made with a long-term horizon mindset.
Every venture is weighed by means of thorough analysis both from the perspective of the worthiness of a specific object and the market conditions in general. Strong lawyer support and experience, combined with a competent understanding of law practices, are tremendously helpful in their pragmatic implications on the nature of the business. The fundamental philosophy driving each decision in Club Capital is to always make responsible choices with the funds invested and adhering to this principle at all times through all vicissitudes.