CG – OREON (former BestCredit)

Founded in 2012, OREON is a high-quality financial service company operating in a majority part of the Estonian market, providing a wide range of loan products to private and corporate clients.

As a licensed creditor, OREON (former BestCredit) is thereto under regulatory oversight by Estonian Financial Supervision and Resolution Authority (est. Finantsinspektsioon) and is subject to its licensing requirements. OREON maintains high-grade assets in the form of quality contracts, real-estate mortgages along with diversified collateral, while also making sure to preserve adequate financial leverage, liquidity, capital reserves, and profitability for its investors.
OREON finds innovative solutions to everyday financing, while also maintaining a classical model of accountability and responsibility towards all interest groups. Keeping a balanced credit portfolio based on diversified operations, the firm strives to become the most reliable, the most competitive and cost-effective financial services provider for its clients. OREON’s central policy oversees a balanced, thoroughly measured approach for guaranteeing the safety of the principal and an adequate rate of return on all its loans, asset holdings and investments – thus maintaining a high-level return on equity for the company’s investors.
A wide range of loan products which the company offers can be categorized as following: smaller types of consumer and business loans, mortgage and different collateral loans along with debt consolidation loans. Amongst many other nuances, the company’s most valuable competencies lie in its formidable experience along with extensive knowledge in the fields of finance, banking, investment operations, legal expertise, real-estate, debt management, and its collection, while at the same time developing long-term relations with its clients from its expert management and employees.
OREON has a set mission with a message that states, “OREON is focused on offering an individual approach to each situation so as to meet the expectations and needs of our clients.” Being loyal to its clients is a topmost priority for the company. While offering the most favorable interest possible to each individual client, its philosophy thus lies in both responsible lending along with sensible and transparent business practices. OREON’s vision is to become the most reliable and recognized financing company in Estonia, maintaining a stable, satisfactory rate of growth for years to come.

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